Business Commercial Murals

Business Commercial murals are done for:
– offices and businesses indoors and outdoors,
– restaurants,
– bars
– supermarkets and malls,
– public places
or any commercially used space, they also can include  hand painted signs.

What is the advantage of a business mural?
A commercial mural has the purpose to enhance, promote or improve the business.

For example: We did a mural for a restaurant that was facing the situation that their private room was not easy to get booked.
The room was longer than wide, and had only one small window. One wall was moveable. We decided to suggest a window mural featuring a view that you have from the other side of the restaurant towards the lake.
The result was spectacular indeed! Because of the mural the restaurant could get that room more booked more often than in the past.

Another example: We painted a mural on the front entrance of a small reptile food store that was located in an industrial area. Our mural covered the whole door so well that you almost could not see it when the door was closed. There were break ins into several stores in that area but the store with the mural was untouched. The robbers were not able to see the entrance.


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"Gabriele was recently selected to hand-paint a two sided street sign for the San Gabriel Community Center in Temple City, CA. Apparently most sign companies don't hand-paint signs anymore (only cheap quality vinyl crap that degrades quickly). Her bid was not the cheapest, but I got her name from Yelp and pushed her bid based on the five star reviews she had. Glad we went with her now. The quality is as good as we expected, and she was a pleasure to work with. Thanks very much for helping us out! Highly recommended." -- T.I. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Gabriele did an amazing job with our ocean theme mural for our baby room. She was so great to work with. Very accommodating and made sure it was exactly what we wanted. I high recommend her for your next mural." --R.B. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I was looking for a wallpaper for my nursery room (I am expecting a baby boy in September) when I saw the beautiful work that Gabriele did in a Peter Rabbit inspired nursery room...I started to buy everything Peter Rabbit and I hired Gabriele for a mural and also to paint the white furniture with the Peter Rabbit theme...she came last Tuesday and I couldn't be happier...she is a great painter and I cant stop looking in the room...I recommend her 100%! I will try to post some pictures!" --A.S. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------